• Automatic line leveling & tensioning
  • Line out indicator
  • Adjustable spool drag
  • Spool lock
  • Light accessory slot
  • Ergonomic handle
  • PC/ABS Construction
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Braided Dacron Line
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Reeler (patented)

The Most Advanced Dive Reel!

The Reeler was made to solve the very real problems of line entanglement and task loading.
For the first time divers that never used a dive reel will be able to enjoy a dive while using one, and seasoned divers will enjoy it's ease of use.

No longer do you need to hold a reel while tensioning the line, and controlling its placement on the spool. You simply wind the line in!
This can not be over stated, instead of watching the reel making sure it don't jam you can look around enjoy your dive, focus on other tasks, or just watch the scenery.

The Reeler has a line tensioning system that tensions the line, and a leveler that wraps the line neatly on the spool. These systems together allow for 67% more line. This in combination with using braided Dacron line lets us make our reel smaller than previously possible, allowing for more line in a smaller reel. We also implemented an adjustable spool drag. This puts tension on the spool preventing freespooling.

The Reeler truly solves all the problem associated with using a dive reel!

Proudly made in the USA with over 90% U.S. content


Line management
Our line management system wraps line neatly

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