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1) Laying line: Attach line, tighten drag slightly to keep some tension on spool (this prevents free spooling and slack inside unit).

2) Retrieving line: Adjust spool drag as needed and wind clockwise (winding counterclockwise will cause jams).

3) The spool lock stops line from coming out but allows winding. To turn off this ratcheting function firmly press on back of lock. To turn it on squeeze the top and bottom on back of lock.

4) The line out indicator is estimated as follows 1/4 100 ft out, 1/2 200ft. 3/4, 300ft, all 400 ft (135lb braided Dacron).

If you take proper care of this product it will give you many years of reliable service

Please follow these recommendations:

  • Don't store in direct sunlight or in a hot vehicle.
  • Don't drop on hard surfaces.
  • Rinse after use.
  • Don't wind backwards.
  • Do not attempt underwater repair! (In the unlikely event that the unit should tangle, bring it to the surface for repair).


The first thing to do after the dive is to rinse the unit off in fresh water. Submerge the unit and let it soak for a couple minutes. While the unit is soaking, agitate it gently. This will help flush out any salt residue. Lay the unit out and let it air dry; this allows water in inaccessible areas to evaporate. .

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