Size: 3.25 in W, 7.25 in H, 5.75 in L
Materials: Case: PC/ABS
Metal: 316 stainless, plated line leveler for saltwater use
Line: 400 ft of high vis braided Dacron, 135lb test

Specifications are subject to change without notice

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The Reeler was designed to make using a dive reel easy. No need to tension or control the line. You simply wind the line in.

Design goals Approach
1) Hassle free line wrapping We implemented a line leveler and tensioning system
2) High impact resistance & strength Made of PC/ABS
3) Corrosion resistance 316 Stainless steel & plated leveler for salt water use
4) Compact We used braided Dacron line to reduce size

Sure we could of left out the line leveler, used lower-cost plastics, lesser grades of steel, and regular nylon line - but we're making a high quality product!

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