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This product is warrantied to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 yr from date of purchase. The product will be repaired or replaced at our option at no charge (This includes return shipping).

This warranty does not cover damage due to neglect, tampering, lack of maintenance, not following proper care according to the owners manual, or exceeding its intended purpose.

The warranty will be void if the registration card is not filled out and mailed to Spectrum Diving Equipment Inc. within 1 month from the of date of purchase.

The warranty will be void if the product was found to be tampered with by any unauthorized person. Only repairmen authorized by Spectrum Diving Equipment are to perform service.

The warranty is not transferable and only applies to the original purchaser.

This warranty does not apply to rentals.


Warranty does not extend to cover theft, loss, or damage due to accident, abuse, tampering, lack of maintenance, exposure to excessive temperature, extended sunlight, or deteriorating chemicals. We make no other warranties, either expressed or implied, orally, or in writing, with respect to any other warranty coverage except those expressly stated within the preceding paragraphs. Spectrum Diving Equipment will not be held responsible for any agreements orally or in writing with the exception of those expressly included in this warranty statement. In no event will Spectrum Diving Equipment be held responsible or liable for any personal injuries resulting from the use of the covered equipment, or for any other damages, whether direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential; even if Spectrum Diving Equipment has been advised of such damages.

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